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World Rabies Day

 Over the past 50 years, 2 cases of rabies in humans have been registered in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. In both cases, there was a late appeal for anti-rabies assistance. 
The epidemic forecast for rabies in the region remains unfavorable during 2019, 10 cases of rabies among animals were registered, and for the same period in 2018 - 17 cases. 
Rabies is an acute infectious disease of all warm-blooded animals and humans, characterized by damage to the central nervous system with signs of polyencephalomyelitis, accompanied by paralysis and, in the absence of timely treatment, absolute mortality. According to WHO, about 59000 people die from rabies every year, that is one person every 9 minutes every day.
The incubation period of rabies usually lasts from 15 days to 6 months, depending on such factors as the place of penetration of the rabies virus and the viral load. Initial symptoms of rabies include fever and pain, as well as unusual or unexplained tingling, tingling, or burning sensations (paresthesia) at the wound site. As the virus spreads through the central nervous system, progressive, fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord develops.  Transmission can also occur if infectious material from an animal (usually saliva) comes into direct contact with mucous membranes or fresh wounds on human skin. The release of the rabies virus into saliva occurs before the first clinical manifestations of the infected person.   
 The main carrier and source of the rabies pathogen in our country is the red fox, which accounts for the majority of diagnosed cases. Also, dogs and cats play an equally important role in the epizootic process.
According to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated 06.08.2019 №658 "On Approval of the Classification of Emergency Situations", one case of rabies among humans and the fact of infection with rabies among wild animals, which led to the introduction of quarantine in a separate district or settlement, is considered a natural emergency. 
The main measure to combat rabies is prevention, namely the destruction of animals with rabies and oral/parenteral vaccination of animals. As of 25.09.2019, 114,560 square kilometers of the territory of Ukraine have been treated, including the territory of Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Odesa, Khmelnytsky, and Chernivtsi regions with an area of 114460 square kilometers. Vaccine distribution continues in Volyn, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, and Chernihiv regions.
Preventive immunization is also being carried out for persons belonging to risk groups (workers of veterinary diagnostic laboratories, hunters, etc.) and people who make long-term trips to remote countries that are not safe for rabies. 
What to do when you are bitten by an animal?
  After a bite, you should immediately consult a doctor to decide on the course of vaccination against rabies. Only timely treatment and preventive vaccination courses can prevent rabies!
The prescribed course of vaccinations must be completed and not interrupted. 
It should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to remove the skin from the corpse of a suspected animal (it often happens that the skin is removed from a fox with rabies).
Protect children from animal bites, do not allow them to play with stray dogs and cats, and bring them home!
Remember that your dog must be registered annually and vaccinated against rabies, kept on a leash, or in a closed yard.
Remember, rabies cannot be cured, it can only be prevented. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones!

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