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The pre-qualification process is ongoing quality control that does not stop after the first WHO approval of a product from a particular manufacturer and ensures that the manufacturer ensures the high quality of each subsequent batch of vaccine it produces. 
WHO prequalification includes:
- inspection of general production processes and quality control procedures
- checking for compliance with vaccine batches
- audit of production sites by WHO specialists 
- regular re-inspections at specified intervals
- targeted testing of vaccine batches supplied through UN agencies to monitor the continued compliance of the product with specifications.
WHO laboratories are among the most powerful in the world, so it is here that a comprehensive analysis of the quality and safety of vaccines is carried out, which is virtually impossible to carry out in national laboratories, including Ukrainian ones.
At the public expense, the Ministry of Health procures only those vaccines that are effectively and widely used in other countries of the world.
Currently, Ukraine purchases vaccines in the following countries: France, the USA, India, Bulgaria, Belgium, and the Republic of Korea.

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