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Attention! Please, adhere to anti-epidemic measures for coronavirus disease prevention.


How to use medical masks correctly?

Regardless of whether a person has been fully vaccinated against #COVID19 or not, masks maximize protection against the virus for both those who use them correctly and for people around them.

It is medical masks that allow you to avoid infection with coronavirus disease and prevent transmission of the virus.

Why should everyone wear masks?

✅ Masks protect healthy people from the infected. We are talking about both those who carry COVID-19 with severe symptoms and asymptomatic patients. That is why using a mask is a concern not only for yourself but also for those who can be accidentally infected with coronavirus disease.

 ✅ Until collective protection against coronavirus disease is formed in Ukraine, the risk of infection remains, so everyone should wear masks without exception.

 ✅ Proper use of a medical mask in combination with vaccination maximizes protection against new, more dangerous strains of COVID-19. Especially when it comes to Omicron, which spreads much faster than previously known strains.

It is important that if the mask is worn incorrectly, that is, does not cover the nose and mouth, it does not give any protection.

How to use medical masks correctly - in the infographic.

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