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How to care for your skin in winter?

In winter, when the air temperature and humidity levels drop sharply, signs and symptoms of dry skin (xerosis) may appear. This is a problem that everyone can face.

Xerosis is characterized by the following symptoms:

➖  feeling as if the skin is tight, especially after showering, bathing, or swimming;

➖  skin is rough to the touch;

 ➖ itching;

 ➖ skin peeling;

 ➖ cracks appear that may bleed;

 ➖ redness.


 If dry skin is not taken care of, it can lead to atopic dermatitis (eczema) or infections, when dry skin cracks, bacteria can penetrate the wound and cause inflammation.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your skin and take care of it in time! 🤲

We share tips on how you can do it:

✅ Cover exposed areas of the body in cold and windy weather. In winter, wear a hat, scarf, and gloves.

 ✅Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and using harsh detergents.

✅ Use a moisturizer. Talk to your doctor about which cream is right for you, especially if you have additional complications such as acne, etc.

 ✅Use shower gels with moisturizing ingredients.

✅ Use a humidifier in winter.

✅ Do not wash with hot water, but with warm water.

 ✅Pat your skin dry with a towel after showering but do not rub.

 ✅Most cases of dry skin can be corrected with home care.

❗ Be sure to consult a doctor if:

✔ your skin condition does not improve even if you take care of it;

 ✔dry skin causes redness;

✔ itching and dry skin prevent you from sleeping;

✔ you have open sores or infections due to scratching;

✔ large areas of skin peel off or flake off.

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