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Attention! Please, adhere to anti-epidemic measures for coronavirus disease prevention.


Inactivated Coronavac Vaccine from Sinovac Biotech Pharmaceutical Company

One of the vaccines against COVID-19 available in Ukraine is the inactivated CoronaVac vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech. This vaccine contains an inactive, "killed" virus. Our body recognizes it as an "enemy" and learns to produce antibodies and T-cells to it to quickly neutralize it in case of a real threat. The CoronaVac vaccine can be used for the first two, as well as for an additional or booster dose, but only after the basic course with the same vaccine. In addition, after vaccination with the CoronaVac vaccine, all anti-covid vaccines available in Ukraine can be used for the second, as well as for an additional or booster dose. It is not recommended to administer the CoronaVac vaccine after other vaccines. The best protection after two doses of the CoronaVac vaccine is provided by booster doses of Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccineМОЗ #covid #COVID19 #vaccination

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