Україна єдина #UAРАЗОМ

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The fight against Russian invaders continues.

The struggle against Russian invaders continues. How quickly our victory will come depends, in particular, on how we will support the Armed Forces, medics, and each other.
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◾Help healthcare facilities
◾Hotlines to help the armed forces, doctors, and the population of Ukraine
◾Free medical consultations through the contact center of the Ministry of Health
◾Instructions that can save lives
◾Basic rules of first aid
◾Premedical assistance in case of suspected stroke
◾Premedical care in case of seizures
◾Medical assistance in case of unconsciousness
◾How to carry out primary wound care
◾What to do in case of a chemical attack or accident at a chemical enterprise
◾How to avoid hypothermia in war
◾Explosive objects: a risk that can cost lives
◾Smog. How to protect yourself from negative consequences
◾How to talk to children about war
◾How to cope with stress during the war
◾How to find out which pharmacies have insulin
◾How cancer patients can get help during the war
◾Where to find drugs for thyroid therapy
◾Routine vaccinations during the war
◾How to get antiretroviral therapy at the place of actual stay during the war
◾How to get antiretroviral therapy in Europe
◾Giving birth under martial law: what is important to know
◾How to maintain lactation in stressful situations
◾How foreign doctors can join the work in Ukrainian hospitals
◾For information on the needs for medicines, medical devices, and protective equipment for healthcare professionals, please call the national contact center at 0 800 60 20 19
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▪️How to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Israel, and France at

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