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Today Ukraine celebrates the professional holiday of scientists - Science Day.

Today Ukraine celebrates the professional holiday of scientists - Science Day.

Now science, like the whole country, is adapting to wartime conditions. Remembering the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, science is finding new formats, moving online, and using available and modern technical capabilities.

Every profession and every industry in the world starts with knowledge. Medicine is no exception: every medical worker from a therapist to a surgeon, from a nurse to a pharmacist starts with science.

That is why the support and development of medical science is one of the priorities of state policy in the field of healthcare.

In terms of numbers, in 2022, 116 scientific types of research and developments are being carried out, which are both applied and fundamental in nature and relate to medical and pharmaceutical science and practice.

#The Ministry of Health is also working to introduce the latest approaches in the field of medical care, continues to introduce an electronic system, uses the latest practices in the treatment of wounds, and will soon introduce the use of 3D technologies in the manufacture of bone implants.

Despite the war in Ukraine, scientific progress does not stop for a minute, innovative technologies continue to be introduced, which are the main guarantee of the independence of the state and the prospects for future development.

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